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Glossary of Terms
(in alphabetical order)

ABA - Applied Behavior Analysis.

Behavior Modification - A plan to replace inappropriate social behavior with positive social behavior.

BIP - Behavior Intervention Plan.

Cognitive - Mental processes such as remembering, reasoning, understanding, and decision making.

CPSE - Committee for Preschool Special Education

CSE - Committee for Special Education

CSW - Certified Social Worker

Developmental Delay - Based on Child’s age, child has not attained the expected level of development

EI - Early Intervention, Therapy services for children aged 0-36 months.

FBA - Functional Behavior Assessment.

IEP - Individualized Education Plan A plan addressing the specific needs of a child age 3-5 or a child age 5+

IFSP - Individualized Family Service Plan A plan addressing the specific needs of a child in the Early Intervention program

OT - Occupational Therapy

Therapy that teaches children self-help skills, and enhances motor and postural development

PT - Physical Therapist

SEIT - Special Education Iterant Teacher One on One, Special Education by certified teacher for children aged 3-5.

SLP - Speech and Language Pathologist