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Preschool Related Service
Age 3 - 5 years

When to Request an Evaluation

When in doubt, check it out. Delays that are addressed at the earliest age possible have the greatest chance of being successfully overcome. If you, as a parent, have any concerns about your child’s development, do not hesitate to apply for an evaluation. Evaluations are provided at no cost to families. A child who is not reaching age appropriate milestones or is having difficulty in the social, emotional or behavioral areas will benefit from a professional evaluation.


Evaluations are provided at no cost to families.

Your local school district will send you an application form along with a list of documents you will need to provide at the CPSE meeting. You will also receive a list of choices of evaluation and service providers. You will find ATC on that list of choices.

Please call ATC with your questions, or if you require additional guidance, 845-738-4362

Speech and Language Therapy

ATC’s dedicated speech and language pathologists work with children with speech and language impairments. By treating disorders such as difficulty producing certain sounds, stuttering, drooling, and understanding or expressing language, children gain new capabilities and confidence in interpersonal communication. Every child deserves the pleasure and freedom of sharing their ideas and expressing their thoughts!

Physical Therapy

ATC’s physical therapist help children develop and maintain maximum movement and functional ability with the most updated techniques and equipment. By treating children with gross motor delays, helping them build strength, and mobility, our therapists give their children the gift of physical wellbeing, which is also the gift of improved emotional and social well being.

Every child deserves the freedom of movement and the sensation of being healthy!

Occupational Therapy

ATC’s occupational therapists help children with delays in sensory integration and fine motor skills to participate fully in everyday activities (occupations) in school and in social situation. Our therapists utilize the most advanced sensory techniques and equipment to improve sensory motor development, visual motor development, and grasping skills. They also train children in self care and body positioning.

Every child deserves to be capable and productive in the fullest sense possible!

Play Therapy

ATC’s expert psychologists and social workers evaluate and counsel children experiencing emotional and behavioral difficulties. During play therapy a professional plays with the child, observing and discovering the source of the child’s anxiety, and following the child’s thought patterns. The professional may then guide the child’s play toward healing and emotional health. Every child deserves the benefit of optimum emotional health, to perform well, and to feel good about themselves.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Services

ABA addresses social issues as basic as looking, listening and imitating as well as complex skills such as conversing and socializing appropriately, by breaking down skills into their smaller components. ABA has been effective with children in the autistic spectrum, improving their communication and social skills and limiting problematic behaviors like tantrums. Individualized programs are created for each child, based on their developmental level and unique needs. When a child has difficulty interacting with his environment, and communicating appropriately, a behavior analytic perspective has proven to be helpful.

Every child deserves to feel a positive connection to his family and peers and to be an integral part of our world.

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