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Your Child’s Milestones

3 Months

  • Turn their heads toward bright colors and lights
  • Move both eyes in the same direction together
  • Recognize bottle or breast
  • Respond to their mother’s voice
  • Make cooing sounds
  • Bring their hands together
  • Wiggle and kick with arms and legs
  • Lift head when on stomach
  • Become quiet in response to sound, especially speech
  • Smile

6 months

  • Follow moving objects with their eyes
  • Turn toward the source of normal sound
  • Reach for objects and pick them up
  • Switch toys from one hand to the other
  • Play with their toes
  • Help hold the bottle during feeding
  • Recognize familiar faces
  • Imitate speech sounds
  • Respond to soft sounds, especially talking
  • Roll over

12 months

  • Get to a sitting position
  • Pull to a standing position
  • Stand briefly without support
  • Crawl
  • Imitate adults using a cup or telephone
  • Play peek-a-boo
  • Wave bye-bye
  • Put objects in a container
  • Say at least one word
  • Make Ma-ma or Da-da sounds

1 ½ Years

  • Like to push and pull objects
  • Say at least six words
  • Follow simple directions
  • Pull off shoes and socks
  • Can point to a picture that you point in a book
  • Feed themselves
  • Make marks on paper with crayons
  • Walk without help
  • Walk backwards
  • Point, make sounds or try to use words to ask for things
  • Say NO shake their head or push away things they don’t want

2 years

  • Use two-to three word sentences
  • Say about 50 words
  • Recognize familiar pictures
  • Kick a ball forward
  • Feed themselves with a spoon
  • Demand a lot of attention
  • Turn pages in book
  • Like to imitate people around them
  • Identify body parts by pointing
  • Build a tower of four blocks
  • Show affection

3 years

  • Throw a ball overhead
  • Ride a tricycle
  • Put on their shoes
  • Open the door
  • Play with other children for a few minutes
  • Repeat common rhymes
  • Use three to five word sentences

4 years

  • Matches both color and shape of an object seen only briefly
  • Sings songs or says rhymes of at least 30 words
  • Builds large structures from blocks
  • Describes own activities during play
  • Laces 2 holes in shoes
  • Skips 5 steps

5 years

  • Recognizes repeating patterns in a sequence
  • Zips opening of clothing such as a jacket
  • Blows nose independently upon request
  • Places paper clips on paper
  • Walks down 10 steps, using alternate step placement, without holding railing
  • Identifies an object that does not belong in a set

Not all kids are the same!

Early intervention services are provided to help your child grow and develop, and to help you support and promote your child's development.

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